Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vw Sand Rail Wiring Diagram '69 Vw 2276 Sand Rail -- With A New Coil And Power From The Electronic Ignition?

'69 vw 2276 sand rail -- with a new coil and power from the electronic ignition? - vw sand rail wiring diagram

I have NO sparks from distrb. Wire.
wonder if I could the retailer - Coil does not get power to the dealer?
How can the dealer?
or in which direction should I go?
Everything worked before I replaced the engine to the trans.


John S said...

The dealer and bases of the coil, 12 V + should the market in the coil, which is near the top of the power (voltage with the number) must
The negative (-) side of the coil must be to the dealer. With the key you should have a good lead to high voltage sparks get to the middle of games (-) to the ground.
To test to see if their work areas will require life one meter. However, you can observe and see if they open and close when you turn the engine off. VW are ez to work not only a good textbook.

noah buddy said...

They have forgotten the power to the coil again? They seem to have no juice in the coil.

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